Compliance Standards



Compliance Standards

 between them and our company.



ProCorp Shanghai Ltd. believes that the conduct of our suppliers can be transferred to our company and affect their reputation. We require all our suppliers to conform to our standards, which are available upon request.

Corporate Policy Standards
Our vendors must understand all requirements of the standards stipulated in the vendor agreement




Regular Inspection by Suppliers on their own compliance

We require suppliers to inspect each of their facilities and/or the facilities of any subcontractors on at least a quarterly basis to insure that compliance standards are met. A separate team of compliance auditors must patrol the workplace on an ongoing basis to ensure effective and efficient communications of non-compliance. Proper training is mandatory for managers and supervisors to control workplace compliance.


Right of Inspection

ProCorp Shanghai Ltd.  reserves the rights to make inspections of the suppliers' facilities or those of any subcontractor or others the supplier uses to produce merchandise for us. These inspections may be conducted on an unannounced basis. Any supplier who fails or refuses to comply with the aforesaid standards is subject to cancellation of all cooperations with us.


Quality Control

Each of our chinese partner companies has QC procedures that are best practice level. We monitor testing of the final product and have various QC checkpoints throughout the entire production process. All items must fulfill all standards for quality before being released to our customers for delivery.