As a supply chain manager across many producers, ProCorp Shanghai Ltd. is a dynamic resource for retail customers and provides everything from product design and development through raw material and factory sourcing, production planning and management, quality assurance and export documentation to shipping consolidation. We excel in:

       · Fty. Audit control before cooperation

       · Quality control and assurance

       · Production management

       · Shipping and logistics coordination

       · Sourcing in all China

       · Merchandising

       · Professional inspection report(including on-line)

        Our unique capabilities set us apart from other trading and procurement companies and include:

       · An experienced management team with knowledge of global markets and extensive knowledge and experience in China

       · A dedicated staff of experienced merchandisers who provide product sourcing and market intelligence for diverse product categories within

         non-electric hardlines and softlines 

       · Technical and logistic support to overseas retail customers who do not have a presence in Asia

       · Product development expertise to expedite your designs from concept to production

       · Strictly on-line and final inspection that lower your risk before receipt of the cargos

       · Directly buying from manufacturers that lower your cost

       · Greater flexibility to handle smaller order quantities compared to most direct importers